About Us


GC Electricals

GC Electricals is a company located in Japan and we provide a vast range of electronic items, equipment, vehicles, spare parts and all their required repairs and services.
The company started by Mr. I.D. Shehan Dhananjaya in early 2021 and we do our operations with a number of countries ever since.

Our vision

Is to provide the common and general household required products and services to everyone for the affordable prices.


Our Mission

Is to help gain peoples lives better by providing the best quality products for everyone with the most affordable prices.

All about

What we do

The main process of our business is based on buying and selling electronic items and vehicles around the world.
We do any require repairing and services for the electronic items and distribute them to to the countries around the world as per the requirements.
And also we purchase all types of cars from Japanese auctions and we distribute them within Japan and also for other countries as required.
We provide all the required repairing and maintenance for all types of vehicles.