Our Products & Services

Our Electric Products Range

We provide brand new, reconditioned and used electronic items directly from Japan. Our product range consists of smart devices such as Mobile phones, Tabs, Computers, Laptops, TVs, Sound Systems and domestic electrical items and equipment.

We provide a range of items such as Washing Machines, Refrigerators, Ovens, AC Units, and all types of domestic and office equipment. And we are able to provide your requested items in individual and bulk quantities.

Our Vehicles Range

We purchase all types of vehicles from Japan Car auctions and distribute them all around the world. We purchase the best quality vehicles in every brand and condition. Customers can order their specific vehicles with their requirements so we make sure to find them the exact vehicle for their needs.

We provide all the repairing, spare parts, vehicle accessories, services, vehicle modifications and upgrades if required. You can order your vehicles individual or bulk quantities.

Just let us know your need!.